Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) is a non-profit organisation based primarily in eastern DR Congo in Luvungi centre / Uvira, South Kivu Province, Goma in North Kivu Province and Lubumbashi in Katanga Province. It is also based in western DR Congo in Kinshasa rural in Kinshasa province, Bas Congo and Bandundu provinces. They also have branches in Bungoma Kenya and Burundi.

It was founded by missionary Dr Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu on 12th January, 2005.

MHCD was founded out of Dr Luc’s compassion for the people of Kenya and in his home town of Luvungi in eastern DR Congo.  After working in Kenya and coming back to Luvungi in 2006 he was so touched by the plight of the desperately poor and disadvantaged people, particularly women and children, that he immediately committed to helping them by providing medical assistance. 

In an area with only one hospital to serve one million people he started by raising the funds to build a much needed medical centre. Over the years Dr Luc’s focus expanded and, as the needs of the community grew, he and the growing MHCD worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the people of the Uvira District.  Dr Luc initiated a multitude of practical projects the majority of which have assisted women and children.

As his influence grew Dr Luc became a parliamentarian and was able to visit Australia on a regular basis. He chairs the DR Congo-Australia Parliamentary Friendship Group. He found supporters in Australia and over the years, as Dr Luc visited and told his story these supporters founded MHCDASA.