What does MHCDASA do?

MHCDASA supports MHCD in the following ways: 

  • Fund raises and accepts donations from around Australia. The funds are transferred to MHCD for its projects.  Some donations are tied to a specific projects like to  orphans, education, medicines, micro-credit and buildings and some are available for Dr Luc and MHCD to use at their own discretion.
  • Organises the items and funds for containers of goods to be sent to MHCD from Australia.
    1. The first container in 2013 was sent before MHCDASA had been established but was achieved by the group which became the MHCDASA committee. This container was dispatched with the help of Zonta Clubs and the Rotary Clubs of Adelaide Light and Glenelg. It included goods from Rotary’s Donations in Kind.
    2. The second container in 2016 was sent in June and was full of more much needed medical and dental equipment, furniture plus 60 sewing machines, 21,000 birthing kits, 80 computers, shoes and clothes.
    3. Our next container will hopefully be early 2018 and should be filled with goods from the closed old Royal Adelaide Hospital. For 4 years MHCDASA has met with SA Health and procurement officers for the new and old RAH with representation on the South Australian International Hospital Aid (SAIHA) committee helping to coordinate the deployment of goods not needed into containers to developing countries once the hospital closes.
  • Advocates for MHCD at conferences, service clubs and community groups.
  • Advocates for closer political ties between DR Congo and Australia