Precious Gifts

Give the gift of love this Christmas by supporting MHCDASA with our Precious Gifts program. 

Precious Gifts enables you to make a donation to a program in DR Congo as a gift to a person – donations start from $6.

How it works:

  1. You select a program from the following link you would like to support: Precious Gifts Order Form 2018
  2. We will post you a card with some information and a photo of the program supported- you can then post to the recipient of the gift
  3. You deposit the donation into our MHCDASA bank account, and forward the order form to MHCDASA (details in the Order form linked above) 
  4. You can purchase one gift, multiple gifts or a range of gifts.


Gifts include mosquito nets, micro-credit projects, food for orphans, education and supporting midwifery students, ranging from $6 to $850.   


MHCD leader, Dr Luc Mulimbalimba, has spoken to many on the work they do on the side of DR Congo where 5 million people were killed in the “Africa War”. They help the vulnerable and poor, especially the women, orphans and babies.

When thinking of gifts this Christmas, please consider Precious Gifts as every dollar supports the people in need in the DR Congo.