MHCDASA Invites you to meet Dr Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu MP Mission in Health Care and Development Director

Please join us Tuesday, October 9th at 6pm at Damien’s on Fisher, 123 Fisher St, Fullarton. You are welcome to stay for dinner afterwards. Please confirm your attendance via email or your MHCDASA contact. We look forward to seeing you there! 

South Australia’s Australia Day 2018 Honour’s recipient

We are very proud to announce that our very own chairperson Dr.Julie Monis-Ivett has today been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the international community through her humanitarian work and health programs that have helped save the lives of many women around the globe. We are so grateful for having her!

Container to DR Congo

The MHCDASA Committee sent one container of goods and equipment that left early March 2018. It arrived in May and was greeted as it drove into its destination Luvungi Hospital where a hundred volunteers unpacked it in a few hours. There was much celebration.

The people of DR Congo wish to thank the many donors including: 

  1. SA Health for 22 beds and mattresses, bedside tables, 11 boxes of medical consumables, ultrasounds, oxygen pulsometers, electrocardioraphs, student chairs and much more from the closure of the old RAH. Special thanks to David Cockshell from Rotary Donations in Kind for his coordination over many months.
  2. Streaky Bay Hospital for a surgical operating bed, birthing bed, patient chairs, kermodes, walkers and walking frames, medical trolleys and many more valuable resources and equipment. Special thanks to Alicia Carcuro for coordinating the collection and storage. Thanks also to McEvoys Transport for their generosity in transporting the goods at no cost.
  3. Hackham Sports and Social club for $2000 towards the container transport and the additional donation of stainless steel sinks, toilet bowls, melamine and plumbing goods.
  4. James and Janine Eckermann for donating space in a container for storage of goods. Without this storage space we can’t start the process of gathering goods. This was very much appreciated.
  5. Days for Girls for donating 1000 D4G washable sanitary packs. Special thanks to Susanne Harris for her enthusiasm and continued support.
  6. Spotless linens for hundreds of clean sheets.
  7. Souls for Souls – for 2000 new T shirts and Polo shirts and 3000 caps. Special thanks to Dellice Kennedy.
  8. 62 computers from Computers for Congo based in Bendigo. Thanks to Tom Cecil for his commitment to DR Congo.
  9. 13 huge bags of new shoes – estimated 60 pairs in each bag
  10. 32 sewing machines from many donors. Special thanks to Anne Miller for coordinating collection of these.
  11. Equinox Clothing for many boxes of new pants and shirts as they go out of season, and their ongoing commitment to help.
  12. Donors of clothes from babies to adults. There were hundreds of items from babies to adults all clean and folded. We thanks the many supporters who diligently work away gathering goods and washing them then packing into labelled bags. Every item is precious to a person in DRCongo.
  13. The many donors of incidental smaller items which are all valuable to the people.

Royal Adelaide Hospital equipment

The MHCDASA Committee is hopeful that at least one and possibly two containers of goods and equipment from the closure of the Royal Adelaide Hospital will be able to be forwarded to MHCD in the next few months. As with all containers sent by MHCDASA we will work closely with Rotary’s Donations in Kind. The containers will leave within the next 2-3 months. Any donations are much appreciated, the benefits of a container for the people on the ground can’t be quantified.