MHCD Goal & Objectives

MHCD’s Goal

To see Democratic Republic of Congo especially Uvira District free of chronic and other diseases and to reduce poverty. Improving life condition of Congolese people living in villages and rural areas. Give access to operations and affordable medical care to the poor.

MHCD’s Objectives

  1. Improving socio economic wellbeing through financing micro projects and increasing global awareness on health;
  2. Empowering women through locally made birthing kits to improve health and socio economic wellbeing.
  3. Reducing infant mortality and maternal morbidity.
  4. To fight against chronic and hereditary diseases like cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and asthma that cause poverty in our villages through treatment with natural medicine and food therapy.
  5. To fight against poverty amongst youth, orphans and widows in Africa especially DR Congo by training them in different skills.
  6. To educate the traditional birth attendants and give them new medical knowledge.
  7. To work alongside traditional midwives in Kenya, Burundi and DR Congo so as to reduce infant mortality, maternal and morbidity rates through engagement in mutually reciprocal education and the provision of information regarding best evidence-based midwifery practice. Reduction of the incidences and poverty in women and their children, especially those who are widows in Kenya and D.R.CONGO.
  8. Fighting hunger and malnutrition.
  9. Promoting primary health care.
  10. Promoting renewable energy through solar as a source of lighting up villages.