Question: How much of my money goes to MHCD?
Answer: All funds raised, except for costs involved in running events such as hall hire, are sent to MHCD. MHCD has few administration costs. Bank transfer fees are deducted from the total donations.

Question: What reporting do I get back from MHCD?
Answer: Dr Luc provides a comprehensive annual report every year in which all programs are listed and detailed. When, for some larger projects, donors expect more information, donors are sent receipts to substantiate spending and personalised reports.

Question: How do I know that the money I have donated has been transferred to MHCD?
Answer: If, when you donate, you supply information and an email address, a receipt will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.  This will either include the information as to when the funds will be transferred or a confirmation will follow when it has occurred.

Question: Is my donation to MHCDASA tax deductible?
Answer: Not it is not. However, the MHCDASA Committee is going through the process of gathering the essential information and putting in place all the requirements for a tax-deductible status application in the near future.