What is MHCDASA?

The Mission in Health Care and Development Australian Support Association or MHCDASA is an organisation dedicated to providing on-going assistance to

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What does MHCDASA do?

MHCDASA supports MHCD in the following ways: 

Fund raises and accepts donations from around Australia. The funds are transferred to MHCD for

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Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) is a non-profit organisation based primarily in eastern DR Congo in Luvungi centre / Uvira, South Kivu P

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Stories of Inspiration

How the Australian Government helped to bring peace to…

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How to Help

You can help Dr Luc and the work of…

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Midwifery School

Starting a midwifery school was an idea which came…

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What is MHCDASA?

The Mission in Health Care and Development Australian Support Association or MHCDASA is an organisation dedicated to providing on-going assistance to the non-government organisation (NGO) Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) which is an officially listed charity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

MHCDASA raises funds for the transport of containers, micro-credit programs, hospital buildings, surgical campaigns and community development. It was incorporated in January 2014 and is a listed charity with the ACNC, ABN 58307792455

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Help us send Containers of Love

One of the world’s poorest countries, DR Congo has been devastated by war and poverty for nearly half a century. With the death toll rising in the millions, the country has fewer resources to invest in healthcare and educational development as it struggles to provide national security.

As a result, the country is rife with disease and poverty, lacking basic sanitation and infrastructure especially in the eastern provinces where our efforts are focused.

In these troubling times, the Congolese people need hope and support. Our Containers of Love give many hundreds of people hope and they give thanks that there are Australians who deeply care about them.

How the Containers can solve part of the problem!

The containers we send provide quality resources and necessities that Congolese people can’t buy locally nor could they ever afford. The benefits go beyond the individual items and bring welfare and the potential for prosperity.

Containers bring health resources for local clinics and hospitals, blankets for children and babies, reusable washable wear for young girls so they can attend school, clean second-hand clothes and shoes, babies’ clothes, sports clothes and equipment, computers for students at trade school, sewing machines for the tailoring school and to give to women graduates, solar panels for power generation throughout the hospital and the wider community, birthing kits for birth attendants, school tables and chairs and clothes for the orphans.

By supporting our fellows in Congo, we will be improving hospital and healthcare to eradicate disease and increase survival rates, enhancing mental health and wellbeing, and improving access to technical education to facilitate sustainable social and economic development!

How can you help us?

MHCD has a small band of international supporters, many of whom are in Australia – who contribute resources, expertise and encouragement. We desperately need $10,000 to help pay the transport costs of our Container of Love to Luvungi hospital in DR Congo. Please help us in our worthy cause and Click on a $ button right now! Every dollar counts.

$10,000 will help send one container. We have potentially 3 containers of goods to send our only limitation is funds for the transport. Any extra funds after the containers are sent will directly go to our development projects in Luvungi DR Congo.

War and poverty are terrible forces that ruin lives and communities. Any size donation will go a very long way in helping these desperately needy people. Thank you so much for your help.